Monday, March 9, 2015

Video Comparer

I guess, you are already know about our duplicate image and song removers - Audio Comparer and Image Comparer. Now we have a tool for duplicate video removal too! Meet Video Comparer!

Video Comparer is a Windows utility that quickly detects video duplicate files on your computer, and can easily delete them. It processes most codecs, finds cropped videos, resized, converted... It compares the real video file contents, not file size or name.

Get rid of duplicate video files with Video Comparer. Give it a try right now!

Got a bunch of movies downloaded from torrents? Scan them with Video Comparer and remove the duplicates with less quality. For example, leave 1080p copies and delete 720p ones. Do not garbage your hard drive with duplicate movie files, delete them easily with almost no manual work.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Remove Duplicate Photos Hands Down!

What is the biggest problem for any photo collection owner?

Right! It's the problem of duplicates! Is it killing you as well? You can't even imagine how well I understand you! That feeling when you don't even know where to start to finally remove duplicate photos from your collection is really annoying. Duplicates don't allow you to make your collection well-organized and neat – so that you could show it to your friends with a lot of pride. Sounds depressing, doesn't it?

And yes! It's almost impossible to get rid of them manually!

No matter how hard you try! Yeah, I've got firsthand experience of suchlike problem and tried a million times to remove all duplicate photos on my own, manually. I was very patient, did my best, but anyway I should say it was just awful! As a result, I failed, because duplicates were just everywhere, cluttering my photo collection in a disgusting way! And its size made things even worse... Besides, there were lots of very similar photos (you know, trying to get the best shot you make lots of attempts) that also prevented the collection from being the one I wanted.

It turned out that there is a great way out!

As it often happens, the solution comes up unexpectedly. I was surfing the Internet one evening and bumped into the software which claimed to be able to remove duplicate photos once and for all. It's Image Comparer. Well, I hesitated a bit – how can a program successfully cope with hundreds or even thousands of duplicates in my 20 000+ image collection – any I made up my mind to give it try. And thanks God – it worked like magic!

How does Image Comparer work?

Look! It's very easy and extremely efficient! It does all the work automatically – so, you have a lot of free time enjoying the life while the program is working. It processes all possible kinds of images and, most surprisingly, carefully analyzes the content of the images, then it groups images that look similar (you can set the required level of similarity) and highlights the differences between the photos. After that it offers you to remove duplicate photos from all the folders on your PC. You look through the results and in a couple of clicks with no efforts and time wasting you get rid of photo clones forever!

You could try it as well for free – 30 days for evaluation!

So, I wasted days, weeks and even months trying to do the work that Image Comparer did just hands down! I got perfect results really. From my heart, I would recommend Image Comparer to everyone who like taking photographs and can't stand disorder in their collection. By the way, the program keeps all the results in memory - so never again I'm going to have a mess in my pretty photo collection. And that's cool!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Removing Duplicate Mp3 Files: Little Effort – Fantastic Results!

Are you among those music lovers who wear headphones all the day round listening to favourite songs? Then your music collection must be huge and very often full of duplicates – you may even not realize how overcrowded your music collection is... But it starts to annoy you when time after time you bump into the same mp3 files while your only wish is to enjoy the music! It's really annoying!

What makes the problem even more complicated is that you can't remove duplicate mp3 files by hand – it's only possible if your music collection contains just several files... And where did you see such tiny collections? No such collections in the twenty-first century! No! On the contrary, most of them are really huge, containing hundreds and even thousands of mp3 files and duplicates, of course. So, it turns out you collect duplicates, not songs!

But don't get upset – there are people who solved this problem successfully and without efforts. They trusted their collection to Audio Comparer and this software removed duplicate mp3 files automatically and surprisingly quickly. If you got an iTunes collection, Audio Comparer will automatically declutter it as well. As simple as that!

Okay, so, let's consider the options which allow Audio Comparer to locate and remove duplicate mp3 files so professionally. First of all, it’s the mechanism of listening due to which Audio Comparer acts like a perfect human ear listening to file after file and comparing them. It takes very little time – so, you will be able to do whatever you like while Audio Comparer is working.

Secondly, the program has an auto-marking option – so, you will be able to automatically mark files with better or worse quality and remove duplicate mp3 files in a couple of clicks. Multi-level confirmation system will help you not to delete something by mistake. The built-in audio player will allow you to combine the useful with the pleasant and listen to your favourite songs together with Audio Comparer.

Thirdly, it does not only carefully listen to your mp3 files but also stores all of them in memory. This helps the software not to forget a file and this will allow you to avoid adding and removing duplicate mp3 files. You see – every time you add a song to your music collection, the program will compare it with the database of music files you have already got and inform you if you have this song already or not. So, using Audio Comparer you won't need to solve the problem with duplicates any more – this problem will just DISAPPEAR from your life.

Ready to try it? Great! Get your trial version of Audio Comparer and for 30 days you will be able to evaluate its potential for your music collection and make up your mind. It’s worth trying anyway :) Good luck to you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Detect and Delete Duplicate Photos and Make Your Photo Collection Gorgeous?

Photos are among those things you greatly appreciate, since a "single picture is worth a thousand words". They help us to revive most precious and memorable events and capture really touchy moments in life. Your collection is the most beautiful diamond for you, that is why you are constantly trying to improve it and perfect the art of taking photos.

No matter how strange it is, this quest for excellence often leads to chaos and disorder in your collection. Then the collection of sweet memories has all the chances to turn into a boring show displaying your "thorny" way to perfection. The collection looks littered, messy and untidy full of photo duplicates and bad shots. And a littered collection, even the one made by a professional, can hardly give pleasure... Since most of the photos are kept on the hard drive and not printed, your hard drive gets cluttered as well...

How to stop this and clear both the photo collection and hard drive? The only answer is to clear your collection of photos and delete duplicate photos, as well as get rid of bad snaps. Traditionally, there are two ways to dramatically change such a situation: conservative and innovative ones. Let's see the difference.

The first one is "the tip of the iceberg" and can be easily predicted: day by day look carefully through new images, find photos having worse quality and mercilessly delete duplicate photos manually doing your best not to miss a thing. Sounds a bit old-fashioned, doesn't it?

The other way seems much easier and more reasonable, since it will save a great deal of your time and efforts. As you can guess, it has something to do with the modern technology. Simply stated, you will use the modern desktop application which does all this work for you. As you probably know, it is much easier to work when you use high-quality and reliable tools. Then work starts giving pleasure, a lion share of your time being saved.

For a photographer, either professional or an amateur, there is such a tool called Image Comparer which allows making a photo collection just gorgeous! Due to its mechanism, Image Comparer analyzes every image, detects and deletes duplicate photos and photos having worse and better quality within seconds - all in a single mouse click.

Do you want to keep control of your family photo collection, so that it looked smart and dandified? Do you really wish it to be a chef d'oeuvre, rather than a flash in the pan? Then you know the answer – try Image Comparer! It's like moving from an old house to a brand new well-equipped flat – completely different. It can hardly be evaluated until tasted... Why reinvent the wheel and waste efforts and time by deleting duplicate photos by hands? Take advantage of modern science development and technology achievements!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Duplicate Mp3 Remover Which Makes Your Life Miles Easier

Do you listen to music a lot? With a probability of 90 per cent the answer is "yes". Music collections now occupy a great deal of hard drive space – often due to an immense amount of mp3 duplicates. But to get rid of them is hardly possible, because to manually process such a number of music files, to listen to them all and differentiate would take such an amount of your time that only one thought of it makes you feel embarrassed and shocked.

Here a powerful duplicate mp3 remover would be most welcome. Still not every duplicate mp3 remover will do. You see it should be able to listen carefully to every song in your music collection, to analyze it and compare songs, since many music files, being one and the same song in fact, have completely different names – so, you need a program which would be like a professional musician.

Since you most probably use iTunes as the number one media player, you need a duplicate mp3 remover which would be able to efficiently interact with this media player as well and keep your iTunes collection in a perfect order. But that's too much for an ordinary duplicate mp3 remover, you're saying... Well, it is, but not for Audio Comparer!

This program will make your life a lot easier! Let's see how. Have you got several hundreds or even thousands of music files, a good deal of which being duplicates? For Audio Comparer it's just a snap to process and compare them all. The auto-marking feature introduced in one of the recent versions of the program brings to nought your manual efforts – the program is smart enough to auto-mark all the music files having better or worse quality and remove them all within one click – it is used to doing everything itself.

Having worked with your collection, Audio Comparer will free a lot of space on your PC hard drive – moreover, the duplicate mp3 remover will tell you how much.

Besides, you don't need to be afraid to delete right files – the built-in multi-step confirmation system just doesn't allow you to do that. At every stage of working with collection, you’ll be able to listen once again every song and confirm the removal.

Try Audio Comparer and you will be pleasantly surprised with an amazing set of features it offers, which being meant to make your whole life a lot easier and more organized and having no troubles with your collection of mp3 files as well as iTunes collection. You’ll feel the developers' care at every stage. Isn't it really pleasing ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How To Delete Duplicates From iTunes Collection

iTunes libraries are gaining popularity day by day. Well, it's understandable – they're multifunctional ("all-in-one" concept is always in demand and will hardly ever come out of fashion) and they are really convenient to use. It all would be just great but for the chaos accompanying such extensive collections of songs and other types of media content.

As time goes by, the number of songs in iTunes libraries is growing so fast that the dream of any clear organization of this library seems absolutely unrealistic. At a definite moment we realize that we aren't aware of which songs precisely we've got in iTunes library. What is even more annoying than this disorderliness is the presence of multiple duplicates overloading your iTunes library, and preventing you from enjoying you favourite music and relaxing.
Finding and deleting duplicates manually is hardly realistic, but all sorts of software available these days make the task a bit easier. Let's take Audio Comparer with iTunes support. It's one of the best duplicate finders which masterly detects and deletes duplicates by making your music collection merely perfect! Let's see how it works.

First of all, when starting Audio Comparer, you'll see Comparison Wizard which aim is to facilitate your first steps working with the program. All you have to do here is follow the instructions and you're sure to avoid troubles organizing your iTunes library. In the window where you are supposed to form an Audio group, you'll see the checkbox "Use iTunes Library". There's not even any necessity to specify which folders to handle, just put a "tick" in this checkbox. That’s enough for the program to start searching. Moreover, you are welcome to create an Audiogroup of iTunes songs without even using Comparison Wizard: enter the menu "Audiogroup" - there you'll see the item "New from iTunes...". Tell the program where exactly to look for your iTunes songs and the program will begin listening. Yeah, you've not misheard it – the program does LISTEN to your songs – very attentively and diligently, one by one, trying to remember every sound to be able in the end to compare them on a professional level.

How is it possible? What makes the program so special, so unique, you're asking? Well, it is content-based mechanism, built in the program, which allows the program to compare songs by sound, not file properties, find duplicates and delete them all in a couple of mouse clicks. The only thing which really matters for Audio Comparer is sound. That is the criterion for comparison.

So, having listened to your songs and found duplicates in your iTunes library, the program suggests removing them from your iTunes collection. No extra efforts needed here – in the process of removing duplicates in the confirmation window you will also see a checkbox "Update iTunes Library" which is activated on default. Being active, this function allows the user to remove automatically the duplicates chosen from iTunes library as well. That's the whole story! Quickly and expertly!

Well, if you still doubt and don't actually believe all this is really possible, please download a trial version of Audio Comparer and all your doubts will disappear! ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Can Duplicate Music Finder Help Personally You?

Well, it's not easy to respond immediately without knowing all ins and outs of such software. Before you are ready to answer this, let's find out what it offers its users. Having paraphrased a well-known ad slogan, we can say that not all duplicate music finders are equally useful. Details and differences may be of crucial importance. Not every duplicate music finder is able to order your music collection and delete all music clones from your hard drive. Ideally, for you to be able to enjoy songs in your collection all music files should be in one place and songs should not be repeated. But it sounds rather unrealistic and is hardly realizable without a smart duplicate music finder like, say, Audio Comparer.

Why exactly Audio Comparer, why is it so good, you're saying? Well, a bulk of reasons for that! First of all, this duplicate music finder works perfectly well with all possible music formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, APE, AAC, and OGG audio files are not a hard nut to crack for Audio Comparer. Secondly, it's a great musician – it listens carefully to all files in your music collection and remembers them once and for all. It soaks up the whole information like a sponge! As a result, the duplicate song finder is able to handle huge volumes of musical data and store thousands and thousands of music files with no opportunity to blank out any.

It's content-based approach that makes Audio Comparer so powerful and smart. Unlike many other similar duplicate music finders, Audio Comparer analyzes music files and compares them by their audio content, not file properties, like name or tags or whatever. Music files in your collection may even have various compression types or encoding bit rate – for Audio Comparer it makes no difference at all! What really matters is music and sound!

The listening procedure is by no means time-consuming and no matter how large your music collection is, the program is extremely efficient. As a result, Audio Comparer finds ALL music clones on your hard drive and you are able to delete the redundant files in a couple of mouse clicks and sort all the rest in whatever way you like.

What is more, if you like, having analyzed bit rate and sound, the program can even give you advice concerning the files having better and worse sound quality and will also suggest their deleting in a one step. If you've got used to doing everything yourself, you may listen to them once more (deleting confirmation window offers a primitive player) and after all, delete them yourself.

So using this powerful duplicate music finder can help you stop worrying about the order on your PC hard drive, can help you organize your music library in a clever and logical way, finally, starting with version 1.5, it can perfect you your iTunes music library as well. A bunch of benefits actually! Download a free trial version of Audio Comparer to evaluate it and you'll see we are far from exaggerating!